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We propose you several touristic destinations, and would be happy to be able to adapt your flight according to your desires! These flights are practicable in Squirrel AS350.

Lagoon tour Minimum price 111 000 Xcfp HT

(AUD 1,600 - USD 1,200 taxes not included)

Take time to plunge your look throughout the coral reef, its neighbouring islets and the Amédée lighthouse. Extend the flying by a fantastic view of Nouméa.












Red and Blue Minimum price 222 000 Xcfp HT

(AUD 3,200 - USD 2,400 taxes not included)

Do not miss the falls of Madeleine, the flying over the Provincial Park of the blue river or still the dam of Yaté, besides our unmissable lagoon!













Isle of Pines Minimum price 333 000 Xcfp HT

(AUD 4,800 - USD 3,600 taxes not included)

And why not to discover one of the jewels of New Caledonia for a day? An unforgettable flying over the isle of Pines!